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lowly........ and lonesome
kind of day
speaks....... volumes
in a different kind of way

Your throat, dry
from a good cry
Your hands shake
But you don't know why

Wild eyed child
Spoke..... in hushed tones
Desperate dog
Scrap for his bone
Leave me be
In my own home
Leave me be
By my lonesome


lowly....... and lonesome
kind of song
speaks...... volumes
when you listen long

Your feet tap
to their own drum
a fly buzzzz'z
but you don't know where from

Wild eyed youth
In a skate park
Razor tooth
like a white shark
See his neck
draped in rat bone
Hear his pulse
Like a head tone

Lowly..... kind of boy
Lowly..... kind of boy


He came from the dust
Rustled around
Spoke a few words
Then he left town

Is that all...
this poor kid
was to be?

For try as he might
To get up off the ground
He never took off
Just made a faint sound
Tell me his story
From pebbles
or bark on the tree?


lowly......... and lonesome
kind of night
speaks........ volumes
in a different kind of light

You can't shake
Off that old coat
You can't unsing
A blue note

Restless child
Lay.... your head down
Restless child
Put.... your head down
From your old town
Distant cries
From a ghost town

Lowly..... kind of man
Lowly..... kind of man

He came from the dust
Rustled around
Spoke a few words
Then he left town


from Peripheral Love, released May 27, 2016



all rights reserved


Jamal Traub Chattanooga, Tennessee

I was just a boy
Grew up in the grass
Biking down a dirt road
Falling from a tree
& scraping my knee

It's all coming back to me now

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